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Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

Extreme Limited Access Rig


  • This Environmental Drill Rig is EXCLUSIVE to Ernco  and has the ability to transport the Drilling Crew  with  Consultants to/from site  in hard to reach locations

  • With top travel speed of 50 km/hour and the ability to climb slopes up to 31 degrees, this unit is extremely safe and efficient when mobilizing/demobilizing to and from site

  • The heated tracked carrier with drill rig attached, can  travel on any ground condition  such as muskeg, cut lines,  slopes, and tundra,  in any type of weather conditions

  • This All-Terrain Drill Rig will drastically decrease our Clients costs to perform drilling projects in extreme remote sites, eliminating the need for ice roads and helicopters to transport the crew and rig to site. Efficient for Clients to acquire Crossing Agreements and accessing sensitive areas

  • Exerting total ground pressure of 1.5 PSI, makes this Drill Rig one of the lowest disturbance Drill Rigs in the industry

  • Drill Rig is capable of running 5’ Direct Push Tooling, 5’ X 6” Solid Stem Augers, and 4 ¼” Hollow Stem Augers

  • Great option for accessing remote sites for vegetation control.

This Extreme Limited Access Drill Rig is now available. For further enquiries, please call 403-887-1490….we are just as excited to inform you more about its capabilities, as you are to learn about it!