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Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

Geoprobe Model 7730DT Drill Rig

7730dt-tour_1_.gifGeoprobe, Model 7730DT Drill Rig

  • Hydraulically powered Direct Push/Rotary drilling rig.
  • 35,000 lbs. down force.
  • 47,000 lbs. retraction force.
  • Equipped with a Kubota 54 HP fuel injected, turbo charged engine
  • The 7730DT is mounted on rubber tracks, and is operated by wireless remote control.
  • The Rear Blade is used for hauling a customized tooling rack around site as well clear snow and debris if needed.
  • A pressure washer is mounted on the rig for easy decontamination on site.

Geoprobe Model GH62 Hammer

  • This hammer cycles at 32 blows per second (32 Hz) and delivers forces up to 60,000 lbs. per cycle to the top end of the tool string.
  • The proprietary design of this hammer is the primary reason that Geoprobe Direct Push systems are so effective in tough to penetrate soil conditions.

Geoprobe Model GA3000 Two-Speed Auger Head

  • This rotary head delivers up to 3000 ft-lbs of torque to the auger string.