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Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

Geoprobe Model 7822DT Drill Rig

Geoprobe, Model 7822DT Drill Rig

  • Hydraulically powered direct push/rotary drilling rig
  • 36,000 lbs down force
  • 48,000 lbs retraction force
  • Remote control Caterpillar rubber track mounted
  • 58 HP Kubota engine with tier 4i emissions compliance

Geoprobe Model GH63 Hammer

  • This hammer designed specifically for the 7822DT cycles at 32 percussions per second (32 Hz) delivering the highest down force pressure in its class.
  • The proprietary design of this hammer is the primary reason the Geoprobe direct push system is so effective in tough to penetrate soil conditions.
  • The hammer features bi-directional rotation for efficient penetration of concrete and asphalt.

Geoprobe GH4000 2-Speed Augerhead

  • The GH4000 2-speed augerhead is integrated onto the head of the machine making for quick change overs from direct push drilling to conventional rotary drilling.
  • The augerhead delivers up to 4000ft-lbs of torque for increased efficiency in solid stem auger and hollow stem auger drilling operations.
  • With an Rpm range of 0 - 150 rpm the GH4000 provides the operator with an exceptional level of control while drilling.

Automatic Drop Hammer (DH100)

  • The DH100 Auto Drop Hammer complies with ASTM Standards D1586-99. This standard requires a 140 lb. hammer be lifted 30 inches. The hammer operates at 55 blows per minute and SPT’s can be completed directly through the tooling with a standard split spoon while the borehole remains cased.
  • This method of performing SPT’s provides 100% accuracy, as the testing is done while the borehole remains cased. There is no possibility of slough material affecting the performance of the split spoon. As the split spoon penetrates into virgin soil below the level the tooling has reached, accuracy is guaranteed.