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Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

Heli-Portable / Limited Access Drilling Rig

  • The Geoprobe 540MT Rig has Direct Push, as well as Rotary Auger drilling capability. Recently modified with a 1500 ft/lb auger head, now giving this portable rig the ability to install 2" monitoring wells.
  • The Rig equipment is designed specifically for helicopter transportation into remote, inaccessible areas.  Three lifts are required to mob the equipment to site.  The UTV/Power Unit weighs in at 1750 lbs.  The rig weighs 1300 lbs.  The aluminum supply box used to transport materials to site is 350 lbs. The materials required for each day on site is determined and loaded into the supply box prior to mobilizing to site, then weighed, to ensure the loaded weight does not exceed 1750 lbs.
  • Flotation properties on the UTV/Power Unit and the Rig are excellent, and work very well in muskeg and environmentally sensitive areas.  The Rig is equipped with easily removable dual wheels to enhance flotation and stability properties when transporting and working on muskeg.  The duals can quickly be removed when working in limited space areas, as well as for easy door-way access.
  • The UTV/Power Unit is equipped with an electric winch, in the event it becomes stuck.
  • The Geoprobe 540MT simply pulls behind the UTV/Power Unit, so no time is required for assembly on site.  With the exception of a few minutes to attach the roll-bar on the UTV for added safety while driving on site, the rig is virtually ready to drill as soon as the Crews arrive.
  • The Rig and Power unit are designed to operate up to 100 feet apart.  This allows much safer operation when drilling in confined or office spaces, where carbon monoxide and engine emissions build-up and create serious respiratory safety issues for drillers and building occupants.

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