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Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

Vibracore.jpgWINK Vibracore Portable Drill

  • Using the principle of vibration, the drill head is powered by a 6.5h.p Honda engine, generates 7000 to 12000 acoustic vibrations per minute and transfers them to the drill string. This action along with the weight of the equipment itself, mobilizes only the particles coming into direct contact with the drill rods. No need for drilling fluids which can contaminate the sample or hinder operations in severe cold weather.

  • Portable drilling system is easily carried by 2 people making it ideal for remote sites and deployment over water and in small quarters.

  • Save on costs as it can be carried by light truck, quad, or helicopter.

  • Adjustability allows the operator to tune into the natural frequency of the strata being sampled, controlling the rate of penetration to collect consistent, intact samples.

  • Continuous soil or sediment sample is fed into a core barrel for later retrieval and laboratory analysis.

  • Excellent option for sediment sampling in lakes, rivers, streams, tailing ponds, sludge ponds, even tight access and indoor drilling.

  • With this system we are able to pack and ship it air freight if necessary in the event of an emergency and sampling is needed.