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Hydrovac/Airvac Services

  • Hydrovac trucks are leading edge technology in the construction and daylighting industry. 
  • Hydrovacing is by far the most superior technique for daylighting and excavating safely and efficiently.
  • Our tri-drive hydrovac trucks have a capacity of 8.9m³ of water and 13m³ of debris, allowing us to excavate twice as long in comparison to other units.
  • Our trucks have a 30’ boom reach that can go vertically 23’ before needing a remote hose. Debris is pushed out of the holding area, so there is no need to wash the tanks. This translates to quicker disposal times and increased efficiency.
  • The Tornado hydrovac truck is designed specifically for safety and efficiency. This design allows for extremely quick set-up and disposal times which in turn saves our clients money.