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About Us

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide superior service to each and every one of our clients, and ensure we complete every task in a safe, honest, efficient and professional manner.

Ernco Environmental Drilling & Coring Inc. is an independently owned Service Company based in Central Alberta.  We are a family founded and operated business.  We are confident that family ownership and operation allows us to provide a personalized level of service to our clients above and beyond that of most companies currently operating in the drilling industry today.

We are committed to provision of the highest quality and most stringent safety standards as specified by our Clients, and Provincial and Federal Jurisdictions.

Ernco’s primary focus is customer service and satisfaction, and provision of a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and clients.

All Ernco employees are fully trained and certified to drill and operate equipment within the legal boundaries of all jobs and tasks they may be required to perform.

We specialize in “Environmentally Responsible” specifically designed, Direct Push Technology, drilling equipment.  We operate primarily Geoprobe designed drill rigs.

Over the past twenty five years, Geoprobe Systems has developed and perfected the most effective and widely recognized direct push drilling equipment in the world.  We are pleased to offer our clients the latest, most technologically advanced and most powerful direct push rigs in the Geoprobe lineup. 

We also offer Solid and Hollow Stem Auguring, Diamond Coring, Air and Mud Rotary as well as ODEX Drilling Technology.

We partner with multiple high profile reputable Engineering Firms to provide sample collection and documentation services, as well as lab reports and complete detailed final reports tailored to the specific requirements of the Client.