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Our Equipment

Geoprobe 8140 LS Rotary Sonic

Geoprobe 8040 DT Direct Push Rotary

Geoprobe 7822 DT, 7730 DT, and 6620 DT Direct Push/Rotary

Geoprobe 540 MT Direct Push/Rotary (Limited Access/Heli Portable)

Heli 1800 Rotary (Limited Access/Heli Portable)

Heli 1000 (Limited Access/Heli Portable)

GMC 5500 DB LS
6000 Rotary

Hagglund Extreme Remote Access Direct Push/Rotary

Pionjar, Wink
Vibrcore, & AMS
Rotary Drills

Kubota SVL 75, Kubota SVL 95-2s

Nodwell TF60

Morooka MST 800E

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