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Packer Testing

Packer testing stands as a pivotal technique in our suite of services, employing the use of inflatable bladders to isolate specific sections of a borehole for comprehensive hydraulic testing and precise water sampling. This advanced method offers invaluable insights, shedding light on the complex world beneath our feet.

Understanding subsurface hydrostratigraphy is crucial for successful drilling operations. Packer testing allows us to map the distribution of different water-bearing strata, aiding in the identification of aquifers and providing essential data for sustainable groundwater management.

Groundwater movement is another critical factor in many projects, influencing decisions related to water resources management, contamination control, and infrastructural development. By tracking the flow and direction of groundwater, packer testing helps us understand how water moves through the subsurface, informing strategies for efficient water use and protection.

In addition to mapping hydrostratigraphy and tracking groundwater movement, packer testing also provides a wealth of information about aquifer properties. By isolating sections of the borehole, we can measure parameters such as permeability and porosity, contributing to a better understanding of aquifer behavior and capacity.

With packer testing, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the subsurface, delivering data-driven insights that drive successful project outcomes. This methodology underscores our commitment to leveraging advanced technologies in pursuit of excellence in our drilling operations.

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